Just for a change we had decided we would spend some of the weekend in Bournemouth. There were two reasons for this

  1. We could cycle some different routes from the “Usual”
  2. It was Tim’s birthday and the party was at Susan’s apartment… perfect.

We planned to take the Tandem for a bit of a run to get a little more practice at riding it and to be honest the novelty has not worn off yet so why not.

Packing it into Susan’s BMW estate was quite tricky all I can say that even with the front wheel removed and the passenger seat as far forward as it could possibly go (it’s a good job Susan is small) it JUST fit in.

We travelled in our cycling gear so on arrival in Bournemouth I just put the wheel in, sorted the electronic gadgetry and we were ready to go.

The weather was glorious and we cycles down to the seafront to be met by a sign saying no cycling between 10 am and 6 pm…. Well not to worry it was about a mile to the end of the promenade so we ambled along (well I ambled Susan was almost running to keep up).

We got to the end re mounted and cycled round to the Poole ferry for our short trip across the strait. We could see our destination in the distance, Old Harry Rocks on the end of the peninsula about 9 miles from the apartment.

Waiting for the Poole ferry

Waiting for the Poole ferry

The ferry crossing out of the way we cycled to Old Harry Rocks… the last mile was off road so not ideal for a tandem and we did have to push it the first quarter of a mile.

It was well worth the cycle as the place is quite spectacular.

Susan near the edge

Susan near the edge

Me near the edge.. My fear of heights has got worse... how did I ever fly a hang glider?

Me near the edge.. My fear of heights has got worse… how did I ever fly a hang glider?

Old Harry's Rocks

Old Harry Rocks

After taking a few snaps we decided to continue in a circular route through Studland via a pub then home.

Sadly there were no pubs on route so we finished back at the Harvester by the apartment… no beer of any quality to drink so I settled on a couple of pints of Larger top…. Please Please don’t tell anyone

A well earned drink

A well earned drink.. Some of the empties are Susans!

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