As I was not working today we had a lie in so got up and finished our packing. We are only taking one small bag less than 10 Kg…. yes its Ryan air from Standstead no frills and no baggage allowance. I have a bag that has previously passed the Ryan air “Stasi” so should be OK.
The drive round the M3 M25 M11 was very easy little traffic and apart from the everlasting roadwork’s on the M3 there were no problems.
We parked the car without issue the number plate recognition camera worked and we were let in. Car parked we headed straight to the Windmill Wetherspoons pub which should have made me happy but not at all.. Doombar, Speckled Hen, Hob Goblin, Abbot and Adman’s Broadside.. all not very nice but its 10:30 and much better than being at work.
Flight departure is an hour delayed so plenty of time to enjoy the beer .. if only there was something that I could.
We arrived arrived in Italy to glorious sunshine and after a shortish taxi ride into our hotel with a guided tour on the way by the very chatty driver and we were settled.
The room is spacious and all white.. but we don’t have much of a view as we are below ground level.
Susan has done quite a bit of research so we have a place in mind for dinner the location is marked in my satnav so we dump the bags and follow the trail. Unfortunately it is set to driving and with all the one way streets we walk probably 3 times further than we need to but hey we are in Rome and everyone told me I would be doing a lot of walking.
Dinner was excellent in the Vespette e Forchette shame about all the old Vespas, Keighley scooter boys from the 70s all had a Lambretta.
It takes less than half the time to get back and that is after dinner and some wine. As it was early we stopped off and had another wine and some Limonchello.
11:30 pm and It was time for bed as Susan planned for us to be up early… 5 am UK time.. as we have a lot to see…. I’m supposed to be on holiday!!!

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