We both slept reasonably well and as its Saturday there was no alarm set but still up and out by about 7 am
Today is really busy the route to Vatican city is mobbed already as it would seem that the Pope is popping out to deliver some message later… we head away as fast as we can thankful that we did that part of the trip yesterday when it was not as busy, in fact we have already been told on the way past we cannot go in today if we don’t have tickets.
The sights to take in today are Trevi fountain and the Spanish steps. After visiting both I have to say what’s the Spanish steps thing all about, a lot of step up to a church?

Trevi Fountain

Traditional lunch for us is a picnic, wine, cheese, meet and bread, we have this sat on the wall at Circus Maximus.


It is interesting to watch the Ravens bury the food Susan throws them I’m guessing to come back later or maybe they just don’t like it?
I take a slow jog round the amphitheatre that according to my tourist tape is 620 m long 100 m wide and in its day would have 250000 people screaming at the chariot racing. Today no cheering even Susan is more interested in the Ravens than my efforts even though I would have been close to the fastest chariot time!
Lunch in a local bar then back on the bus to go to the station to get our tickets for the airport bus tomorrow.. obviously the romatic Italians have special road signs.

Romatic road signs

After collecting the tickets we get back on the bus only to have the Police close off all the roads so our route is blocked; no idea why and tonight there is nothing on the news.
Its early and a bottle down, maybe out for dinner and another later…
Back to UK tomorrow It has been fun

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