The Cottage inn carpark was a little hard to find so eventually Susan went in and asked for directions.  It was large flat and in woodland, very secluded and quiet so we had slept very well again except for the occasional twig falling onto the roof during the stormy night!

Cottage Inn car park

We left early with a plan to visit Carla in Saltburn but on route changed our minds and went into Whitby.  There has been a lot of bad press recently about motorhomes and Whitby so we decided to just use the park and ride for a short visit.

As it turned out that was a very wise decision the town was PACKED!

Whitby Abbey

Whitby Harbor

Whitby: Tall ship “artistic shot”

We wandered round the harbor area but it was so busy we soon sought refuge in Wetherspoon where they actually had a beer that I liked!

Quite nice

Back on the bus we were soon on our way to visit my Dad and Natalie with a plan to stop overnight near Flappit Springs on the moors near where I spent a lot of my childhood.

Dad was looking very frail and has lost a lot of weight but was in good spirits laughing about the antics of his great grandchildren who visit him daily.  A visit to Natalie was as usual full of noise and happiness.  I don’t think I have ever visited when the house has not been full with children and grandchildren a real old fashion Yorkshire family who are obviously very close and content.

We left quite early and for the first time on the trip had a specific spot where I wanted to stay.  We parked up next to a couple eating their supper in the car.  The layby was quite busy early evening but by about 8 pm everything went quiet and became very peaceful apart from the wind which was quite brisk.  We were treated to another beautiful view and a perfect sunset.  Natalie had commented earlier that we may get a visit during the evening as this is very close to where my mother’s ashes are scattered.


Sunset over Haworth

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