Up and out at 7 am for another hours fishing before we drive down to Lindisfarne which is only about 50 miles south of us.  Nice easy drive and we are there 2 hours too early as the tide is not out yet!  Susan is not keen but I decide to wait and go over when the tide is out, going to be a very dull 2 hours just watching the sea level fall.

Susan waiting for the tide to receed

We are over the causeway as soon as it looks safe and quite shallow as I don’t want too much salt under the van.

No doubt it is a beautiful place but being forced to pay 7.50 to look inside an old ruin is a little too much for Susan and I, we decide to invest the money saved by not paying in the local pub!  Don’t tell anyone but Susan went in anyway.

Lindisfarn Priory


Not very nice… Lunch

We only stayed a couple of hours then off down the road to our overnight stop the Cottage Inn where in exchange for buying dinner we can park overnight for free. https://www.cottageinnhotel.co.uk/

When we arrived plugged in the laptop and linked to their WiFi where I’m now updating this!

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