Same start as every day, breakfast untie and away, today it was about 8 so a little later than usual.  Neither of us had slept well again even though we were in a very quiet spot and quite cool with all the windows open.


Its plain sailing with only one lock and a tunnel.  The tunnel has a restriction that we can only enter from our side between the hour and 10 past so with no planning at all off we go.

There is a lock just before the tunnel that is broken so could be tricky but we will see!

Checking the watch, I guess that without any mishap we should just about make our slot, if not we have to wait 50 mins.  Today for some reason the thought of that does not bother me too much but the closer we get the more I want to make it without delay.

Tunnel Entrance

The lock is a bugger, very stiff and one side will only open half way.  Our boat should fit through so I tell Brian to just head for the bank and I will jump on after I shut the gates.  When I turn around, he has the boat perfectly aligned with the bank so I’m back on easily.  With me at the helm Brian goes to the front with the torch and we head straight in without any delay it is 9:02, no amount of planning could have got us there in any better time slot, compared to yesterday tunnel issues its perfect.

This one is just over 1 km long and we pass through without issue.  That’s it for the day we are now on the Bridgewater which is very wide and lock free, at least for the next 20 plus miles.

Brian was concerned this cow was stuck.. it ambled out as we approached
Rustic Bench
Bombarded with Acorns

The rest of the day is just motoring on until we decide its lunchtime.  There are a couple of pubs to choose from but no mooring at the first one and no bridge so we go to the next one called “Ye Olde No 3”.  There is space outside so we get the pegs out and moor up.

Lunch is typical pub food, pies and chips etc perfect for us hungry boys.

Happy boy

Back to the boat for the night, its 17:30 and Brian is already asleep on the sofa, he will probably be awake all night.

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