I slept quite well last night the beer and pub lunch probably helping.  There was no noise from the pub but the layby was very busy, when I ventured out in the morning a burger bar was already setting up so must be a popular spot.

This was the first night we had used the pegs rather than the “nappy pins” or mooring rings so was quite please that we were still firmly attached to the bank and not floating freely but in all honestly, I think only one boat passed us after we moored up so unlikely to be pulled free by speeding boats.

Today’s trip turns out to be quite familiar as it is a stretch that Susan and I have cycled so not really too many surprises.

The Skipper

Brian is a Man Utd supported so today as a treat when we arrived at the Stretford waters junction, I deliberately took the wrong arm so we could cruise up to Old Trafford giving him a different view of a very familiar landmark.  This added about an hour to our day but the canal was wide and we were the only people on it so it was easy even for me to turn the boat around

Turn right for Old Trafford
Poor picture but the sun was right in our faces

We passed the Trafford shopping centre; we did not stop!

The Barton swing aqueduct is massive and must be quite spectacular to see when in action I don’t know if this is ever opened these dasys as it crosses the Manchester ship canal and would open to allow LARGE ships to pass.

Concentrating crossing the Barton swing Aqueduct
Barton swing Aqueduct
Barton swing Aqueduct
We stopped here on our cycle

We were making good time so decide to stop for a beer at The moorings pub.  After a not very elegant arrival we finally moored, filled in all the Covid tracking data and ordered only to be told they had no cask beer until Tuesday.   Even I am not prepared to wait for 5 days for a pint especially as it is Greene King IPA.. not even close to one of my favourites.  In disgust I get Brian a larger shandy and I have a glass of tap water.

Shame there is no beer

Back onboard we are just chugging along heading to a mooring, we finally enter the Leeds Liverpool canal and decide to moor at Pennington Flash.

Entering the Leeds Liverpool Canal

There are a few boats here and while we are sitting out having a cold beer the Gin boat turns up, sadly she is not opening until Saturday.  We have a bit of banter with the people on the boat opposite who are magnet fishing so we decide to give it a go.  I manage to catch a metal drawer runner and a few bits of chain.

The end of a long day
Magnet fishing

As the sun starts to set a “character” stops for a chat he’s quite an extrovert whose opening statement is “hello I’m Dave and gay”. We could probably have guessed without stereotyping most people who sound like and have the mannerisms of Julian Clary usually are!


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