Its not as simple as I thought it would be…..

I started planning a route almost from my front door to Kendal along the waterways of England using my Garmin Basecamp software and it’s not quite as easy as I had hoped, it should be but due to the decline in canal traffic there are places where the route comes to an abrupt end. Not an issue in itself but then I have to plot a connecting route to where the towpath starts again. The limits of the area displayed on my monitor and level of detail in the TOPO GB map have caused quite a few wrong turns and backtracking…..
As of today Monday 15 Jan 2015 it is reasonably close to “finished” but there will no doubt be some revisions between now and the start. This weekend we are going to take a look at the Basingstoke start point which like the finish seems to be “not quite all there”.

After plotting in Bascamp I have uploaded it to Bikemap which seems to have a little more detail re paths etc so the above is the result…. plenty to sort out yet but looks like it will be about 400 miiles

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