Last day in the lab for a couple of weeks
Had to endure one last day of commuting even though there was a strike before our trip mainly because I had a couple of chores to do which I had not been able to do before; the main thing was I was to collect some sea fishing gear unfortunately Mike had forgotten it so a bit of a wasted trip!
Managed to get off early so was home in time to do the last-minute packing, water the allotment and pay the builder but that’s another story!

97091 Km on my drive… Speedo optimistically up to 80 mph!!!


Smile for the camera













The plan was to leave about 9 to arrive in Southport where we would visit Susan’s mother for breakfast. We were all set so left at 8 expecting about a 4-hour drive. There were a lot of road closure signs but thankfully none of them affected us until we got to junction 16 on the M6 where we came to a very sudden halt and barely moved for 2 hours. The M6 was closed and to compound things there was an accident where all the M6 traffic was being diverted off so no one was going anywhere.
We eventually arrived at our overnight stop at about 2 am.. Knackered we were asleep in an instant but woke at first light about 6 am.. Although the sign says no overnight camping there were 3 caravans that looked like they had been there for weeks, tables and umbrellas set up!

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