Friday 27 July: Kendal
Packed the bed away and surveyed our surroundings .. large sea front car park with lots of No Overnight stays signs

.. too late we were gone and off to do Rosemary’s shopping I have never queues to get into LIDL before but even though we were there 15 mins before it opened we were about 10 th in line!
Shopping done then breakfast at Rosemary’s.. really enjoyed it and there were no IT issues so I decided to go to the local fishing tackle shop to get some line. Checked out on the phone and “Tackle Tarts” was only 10 mins away. After I had been walking for the expected 10 mins I noticed my method of travel was by car so it actually took an hour and a half to get there and back. To add insult to stupidity it was a course fishing shop and had no sea tackle at all.
After fixing the leaking garden hose we were of and on our way to Kendal to meet Nigel and Raife. Only a couple of hours drive so we were in the pub at 2:30. Raife had a suggestion as to a meeting place as he had seen it online Masons yard dinned and had couple there followed by a trip to the newest trendy pub, the factory tap It was great to catch up with Raife who I had not seen for quite sometime

Nigel Raife and I putting the world to rights


Raife and I

Nigel and I










Pint 1 and 3

Pint 2















We were a little jolly by the time we got back to the van and arrived to find the local neighborhood watch checking us out.. it must have been the frequent trips into Nigel’s garden to pee that alerted them to some strange activities. I explained to them who we were and our connection to the location, I had known Alan, Nigel’s Dad whose house we were parked outside and everything was fine, they didn’t actually know we had just been using Nigel’s Veg patch as our loo!Just as we were going off to sleep the heavens opened and it poured down for most of the night, this was the first rain we had seen in over 10 weeks

As a short footnote Nigel seems to know every woman in every pub in Kendal !

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