We were up early as usual and had packed everything way by about 7 am so we were out of Kendal before there was any traffic so we made good time even in the van.  Soon we crossed the border to Scotland and the sky clouded over and it began to pour.  At this point we found our first leak in the van, water was coming through onto the dashboard via the windscreen seal which has a piece missing!

Obvious gap in the moulding.. Not so obvious until it started to pour!

The foul weather reminded me of the last time I was in this region near Gretna that it was also very wet, we were cycling LEJoG.

At our stop Susan decide to enlighten me as to “our” plans,  we were going to travel through the Trussochs via Loch Lomond eventually getting the ferry to Mull.  I agreed that was a great plan even though it took us nowhere near the North Coast 500 route that we were originally going to do!

Our stop where Susan revealed the new plan

We found a nice place to park right at the side of Loch Long.  Nice views but quite a busy road.

Loch Long overnight stop

It continued to rain so Susan taught me a new card game “1000”, by some stroke of beginners luck I won.  A couple of beers and a few rums later it was bedtime and thankfully by the road had become much quieter.

It absolutely poured down all night but we both found that very relaxing but we did have to shut the roof vent as it was getting rather wet inside.

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