Very wet overnight so was quite relieved that we did not wake up a swimming pool.  Swung the van round in the road, it has an amazing turning circle and we were on our way again.  Susan’s plan for today was to go to beach in Kilbride, no idea if there even is one the only thing I know about Kilbride is they have a football team from the “east”.  It didn’t work out so before we noticed we had missed the turning even at 45 mph we were on to Oban.

Through Oban and onto the Luig BUT the Cuan ferry to Luig is not running, our local knowledge let us down NOTHING is happening on Sunday here.  The good news is the toilets are clean and there is hot water, still no S***ing in the van.  It’s a very long single-track road and every car we meet has a elderly lady heading to church.  Now I accept the 2.5m , Hymer will struggle but FFS that Clio will easily pass!


We had noticed a couple of picnic spots on the way out so made our way back and checked them both out before settling on one with plenty of space and very near the sea.

View from the van

Parked up safely and level it began to rain again. Usually this would have been a very bad thing but its really nice to be “outside” but still dry, campers will understand what I am saying.

When the rain stopped Susan decided I should fish even though I have not changed the life insurance policy yet.  Managed to get my lure well stuck in the sea weed so suddenly I’m no longer fishing I’m swimming.  Sea was lovely and not too cold so lure retrieved and I’m fishing up to my chest in pouring rain in the sea just in my swimmers PERFECT.  Did not catch a thing but the seals looked amused.

It started off so well

Wading out to collect my lure..

A real local fisherman (Jim) then got back off his boat right where we were parked and after a little chat we had a crab for dinner.

He also suggested our next overnight stop.  Rather amusingly Jim left his car keys on his small boat moored in the middle of the Loch.. he decided rather then rowing out to collect them he would get his wife to bring the spare set.  When I forget mine they are usually much easier to retrieve.

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