Why can’t I sleep tossing and turning all night, Oh well not to worry I don’t feel tired

So, this morning lying in bed listening to Brian snoring gently waiting for him to wake up.

We had a few last night so will excuse the lie in

Easy start to the day although my established routine has been disturbed.

Sorted.. the new skipper
Its not that cold Bro?

Breakfast, get rid of the rubbish, untie move to the water point fill up.  There is a lock about 20 m in front of us so hand the tiller to Brian and get off to sort the lock. today he is in the deep end from the word go.

Its no problem he’s worried but manages it with no issues, I don’t touch the tiller all day he’s got it. 

Chilly wind but beautiful English countryside

Narrow bridges, boats coming through the same small channel at the same time he is calm (ish)  by tomorrow I will be sat on the front deck drinking all day.

Decided to stop in Nantwich and spend the day visiting the local attractions i.e. Pubs

Moored again
The Aqueduct from the road

Spent some time in the White horse, right up my street live rock music sadly not in these times but had a great atmosphere even though it was empty.

A few more on the walk back then dinner.  Open 3 tins, steak, potatoes and cannelloni beans.  Its not earning any Michelin stars but it does the job.

Now chilling on the deck with Jimmy Nail on the Bose, not very cool but we both like him. “Within Temptation” did not go down too well with Brian.

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